Culture Côté is a cooking diary. It was originally devised to include other creative endeavors, but for now it just features cooking experiments and photography practice… Until I can think of a fun new name, it is still a general culture place!

My Method:
All ingredients are estimates, except those in dessert recipes. I do not measure anything when cooking, so everything (especially herbs & spices) is an approximation, and should instead be understood as a general guideline. It is helpful to look at each recipe as a ratio for the proportion of ingredients used.

Also, right now I’m a pescatarian so fish is the only meat in any recipe. Many recipes can also easily be made vegan. Although I tend to use butter in everything, desserts are usually made with almond milk, even when the sourced recipes call for heavy cream.

My Approach:
Currently, I’m most interested in learning essential techniques and experimenting with French cooking. To create or try a recipe, I consult Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, then will search for a video of Jacques Pépin. For desserts, I often first look at David Lebovitz’ books and website, then Better Homes and Gardens or Larousse before doing a more general internet search. If I start with an ingredient and want to make something more modern or not-so-French, I will collect 3 – 5 recipes online and will try to distill their essence and add customizations. Even then, I will try to find an interpretation or approximation by Pépin and sometimes Eric Ripert before starting my version. If it is fish or something elegant, I start with Ripert.

Texts and Video Resources:
Julia Child | Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home (http://www.julia.cookstr.com/)
Jacques Pépin | New Complete Technique, (http://www.kqed.org/food/jacquespepin/)
David Lebovitz | The Sweet Life in Paris (http://www.davidlebovitz.com/)
Eric Ripert | Avec Eric (book and show http://www.aveceric.com/)
Larousse | Gastronomique
Better Homes and Gardens | New Cookbook



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